Stephen Kern

Holy Triumph- 

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Sliptrick Records (HUGE honor to be with them)-

Pick World (awesome guitar pick company who endorses me)-

Dave Kruse (my graphic design artist)-

Jacy Henry (my bassist/sound engineer)-

John Greely's: Seventh Servant (former Vocalist of Iced Earth and an honor to have him as a friend)-

Tommy Lee Thompson (a founding member of Iced Earth and an honor to have him as a friend)-

Mark Van Allen (recorded Holy Triumph/a little pedal steel played)-

Jeff Spirko (fiddle/violin tracks on Holy Triumph)-

Jan Smith (friend of my family, Pro vocal coach/musician)-

Chop Volpe (friend of mine, Pro guitarist/singer)-

Brooks Hill Music (made my hammered dulcimer)-

Paladin (Nate is a friend, music freakin' rips)-

Theocracy (Val was a special guest/mastered my Majestic Kingdom EP, great band)-

Thanks to these stations for playing Holy Triumph, an honor!